Microwave Ceramics

Sienna-ACPD has developed AlN based lossy dielectrics to replace toxic BeO-SiC  composites in microwave applications such as severes, terminations, and loss buttons. Sienna-ACPD’s state-of-art STL-100 and STL-150D materials afford microwave energy absorption, high thermal conductivity, no outgassing, and brazeability to copper.  Their microwave dielectric properties can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Low loss, high thermal conductivity, non-toxic ST-200 AlN provides a viable replacement to BeO toxic at a comparable price without potential toxicity concerns for radio frequency (rf)/microwave output/input windows; helix support rods and collector rods for high power microwave tubes; and microwave terminations and resistors.  Sienna-ACPD offers full  metallization and brazing  for AlN ceramics. Sienna, through its strategic alliance with precision machining facilities, can deliver the exact component you need.