Metallization and Brazing

Developing reliable metallization systems for ceramics including aluminum nitride requires ongoing materials research. Sienna Technologies, Inc. has made substantial efforts under both in-house and government funded programs and made significant advances in developing high performance metallization and brazing technologies for Sienna’s ST-family of aluminum nitride, STL-family of AlN-based lossy dielectrics, silicon nitride, and silicon carbide.

For aluminum nitride and aluminum nitride based lossy dielectrics, Sienna Technologies offers Refractory Molybdenum – Manganese, Thick Film Conductor Gold and Platinum, Thick Film Copper, Thick Film Silver, Thick Film Silver/Platinum, Thick Film Dielectric, Thick Film Resistor metallizations; Glass Sealing; Hermetic Brazing; and Active Metal Brazing.

Sienna also offers a variety of robust Thick Film Metallizations for silicon nitride: Thick Film Dielectric; Glass Sealing, and Active Metal Brazing . Our Thick Film Conductor Gold on silicon nitride has demonstrated excellent reliability over a wide temperature range from -180°C to +125°C.

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