Aluminum Nitride

Aluminum nitride (AlN) is a high thermal conductivity dielectric insulator ceramic. AlN provides the same high thermal and electrical performance as beryllium oxide (BeO) at a more economical cost without BeO’s toxicity concerns. Aluminum nitride has many other uses due to its high thermal conductivity and its high chemical resistance including radio frequency (rf)/microwave windows and collector rods for high power microwave tubes, microwave terminations and resistors, heat sinks TO-insulators for high power semiconductors, metal melting and crystal growing crucibles, evaporation boats, thermocouple insulators, and grinding media.

Sienna’s ST-200 AlN can provide excellent solutions to thermal management problems in microwave electronics and high power electronics applications due to its exceptionally high thermal conductivity. ST-200 AlN’s matching coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) provides a compatible mounting surface for silicon (Si), silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN) and gallium arsenide (GaAs) components in power transistor and microwave packaging applications.

When a better CTE match to Si and SiC is required over a wide temperature range for harsh environment electronics, Sienna’s ST-100 AlN is the answer.

Sienna’s ST-170 AlN is available as tape cast substrates in various sizes and configurations. Sienna also offers high thermal conductivity extruded aluminum nitride (AlN) products in addition to its existing dry pressed and cold isostatic pressed product lines.

Sienna’s Technical Team is ready to help you implement AlN in your current and next generation of your products. Contact us for applications assistance.