Company Information

Sienna Technologies, Inc. (Sienna) is a technology development company formed with a mission of developing new businesses based upon advanced materials technologies. Sienna’s focus is on development and commercialization of the state-of-art advanced materials technologies for commercial, defense, and space applications. Sienna’s technology innovations have led to formation of two successful divisions, Advanced Ceramic Products and Space Systems that provide commercial products to a broad spectrum of customers in their respective markets.

Since the inception of the company in 1996 commercialization of advanced materials based technologies has been Sienna’s primary goal.  Today, Sienna thrives as a small business by providing solutions to complex technological problems though advanced materials.  Sienna’s focus remains on technology development and commercialization with active R&D programs in electrical, optical, and functional materials for commercial, defense, and space applications.

Sienna Technologies, Inc.
19501 – 144th Ave. NE, Suite F-500
Woodinville, Washington 98072
Phone 425-485-7272
Fax 425-485-8651

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