Thrust Chamber Components

Sienna Technologies, Inc. announces the development of an ultra-high temperature Functionally Graded Material (FGM) for HAN-based advanced green monopropellants. The new FGM material combines workability of metals with high temperature resistance of ceramics. Together with our existing “Black Pearl” or SSC-105 ultra-high temperature materials, the new FGM material can revolutionize the industry by replacing expensive iridium coated refractory metals for bed plates and thrust chamber construction for chemical propulsion.

Sienna Technologies, Inc. using its advanced materials expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities has developed:

  • Ultrahigh temperature lightweight thrust chambers, thrust chamber coatings, and bed plates for high performance chemical propulsion systems powered by ionic liquid based advanced green monopropellants;
  • High thermal conductivity anode and cathode isolators, and erosion resistant plasma wall liners for high power electric propulsion (EP) systems. Recently, we have demonstrated a new ceramic material for plasma channel insulators for high power Hall Thrusters with lower SEE yield than the State-of-the-Art BN materials.
  • High temperature (1600°C) stable cathode heaters for EP thrusters are currently under development.

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