Sienna Technologies, Inc. has expanded its patented (US9,149,795; US9,855,548; GB2485461) SSC-line of high temperature catalysts and now offers SSC-104, SSC-105, SSC‑111, and SSC-224 catalysts for hot burning N2O-based and HAN-based advanced green monopropellants for chemical propulsion and gas generators.

Sienna’s SSC-111 catalyst has been successfully tested with a HAN-based highly energetic advanced green AF-M315E monopropellant. Sienna SSC-111 catalyst has reduced pre-heat temperature from the State-of-the-Art 425ºC to 265ºC. This is a significant accomplishment since it also reduces power required to pre-heat the catalyst bed. In a recent 5 lbf thruster test with AF-M315E monopropellant SSC-224 catalyst reached a near theoretical specific impulse at all chamber pressures.

Sienna’s SSC-104 and SSC-105 catalysts are very active for Nitrous Oxide (N2O) decomposition. N2O is considered as a potential monopropellant for chemical propulsion and gas generators.

Thanks to our patented process technology, our SSC-line of catalysts have an almost perfectly spherical shape with a very narrow size distribution, and high mechanical strength that they can be closely packed in thrust chambers. We offer our SSC-line of catalysts in three different sizes, 14-18 mesh, 18-25 mesh, and 30-35 mesh. However, we can manufacture them to any size including extruded pellets and honeycomb monoliths as your application requires.

Please contact us with your specific requirements.