U.S. based manufacturer of Advanced Ceramics

Sienna Technologies, Inc.® is a vertically integrated U.S. based manufacturer of Advanced Ceramic Materials with extensive R&D facilities for product development from design to prototyping to full capacity manufacturing. Sienna Technologies, Inc.’s advanced materials technologies provide innovative solutions to today’s diverse and demanding industrial and scientific applications. Sienna Technologies offerings range from high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride based ceramic products for high power electronics, to aluminum nitride based microwave absorbers for particle accelerators and high power microwave tubes; to ultrahigh temperature catalysts and FGM thruster components for chemical propulsion, to complex high performance insulators for electric propulsion systems in space exploration markets.

Sienna’s capabilities include shape forming by dry pressing, isopressing, extrusion, tape casting, and hot pressing; machining; metallization, and brazing operations. Sienna provides full metallization and brazing for AlN ceramics to give you one-stop shopping. Through our strategic alliances with precision machining facilities, we can deliver the exact component you need. We manufacture and stock many standard sizes and shapes including rods, plates, tubes, tiles, heat sinks TO-insulators, crucibles, evaporation boats, thermocouple insulators, and grinding media. Should you need a custom component we will also work with you from the design stage to manufacture custom components to your specifications.